Register for 2014 National Summit

Registration is open for the 2014 National Leadership Summit. It’s a unique opportunity for student body presidents to build an influential community equipped to address big issues facing our generation.

Register for 2014 National Summit

NCLC visits Chamber of Commerce

At an event hosted at the United States Chamber of Commerce, the National Campus Leadership Council brought thirteen Student Body Presidents from across the country to speak on how they believe business leaders and student leaders can work together to improve higher education in America.

NCLC visits Chamber of Commerce

New Normal: Student voice after 2012

Student leaders stand up in 2013 to make sure their voices are heard on important national issues, from student debt to the environment.

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Fostering Entrepreneurship

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NCLC Leadership Summit 2013

The summit was fantastic. It was an incredible opportunity to meet with other campus leaders, address the issues we are facing both at home and nationally, and build the networks that we need to be able to work together.

– Max Cowen, University of Idaho

The NCLC Summit was a great way for me to connect with Presidents from across the country, to foster idea sharing and collaboration on a national level. We can learn so much from each other, and we can be more effective together, and NCLC gave us that opportunity without politicizing student advocacy and engagement.

– Evan Martinak, Michigan State University

NCLC Summit is a great opportunity to network with other student leaders around the country as well as develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead your campus.

– Brent Ashley, Virginia Tech

The NCLC President’s Summit was an absolutely great experience! I would highly encourage future Student Body President’s to attend. You get to meet so may other president’s, hear their issues, get advice to fix your own, and just have a great time in general. You won’t regret it!

– Ashley Koesterer, Missouri University of Science and Technology

I got back to my office on the final day of the conference. I sat there with a notepad full of ideas and initiatives that I got from fellow student body presidents who attended NCLC Summit. I had sort of had a vision for what endeavors I wanted to take on over my term as SG president over the next year but NCLC helped to make that vision much clearer. Now I just hope I have enough time to take on everything I hope to!

– Pat Kelly, American University

NCLC was a wonderful experience in which I connected with other student leaders from around the country at schools very similar and very different from my own. The connections I have made are already shaping the direction of my administration and have helped along more than a few projects of mine. It was great hearing what people are working on on their campus – and the vast diversity of campuses in the nation.

– Matthew Re, Washington University in St. Louis

Student leaders all face similar challenges at their respective schools. The connections I made through NCLC, and the strategies and solutions that were shared while at the summit, have helped my student government accomplish great things.

– Paul Esker, Luther College

NCLC broadened my eyes. It will help my University, being relatively small, to be more proactive moving forward.

– Chase Vogel, Black Hills State University

I didn’t want the summit to end. It was an experience that showed us how important our positions are. We are not just student body leaders. We are national influences and collectively we have the power to do anything.

– Juan Cubillo, Florida Gulf Coast University

NCLC was the most rewarding conferences I have attended. It was without a doubt the most outstanding group of leaders I have worked with. Their experiences and diversity yielding to worthwhile conversations about important topics nationally and at each individual school.

– Kayley Seawright, Clemson University

The connections made and perspectives gained from this Summit were incredible. I would strongly recommend this to any incoming or outgoing student body president.

– Zach Mathis, University of Southern Indiana