2016 Presidential Leadership Summit

The 2016 Presidential Leadership Summit will bring together more than 150 incoming and outgoing student body presidents to Washington, DC, June 4th – 6th. Register today!

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We surveyed student body presidents at more than 250 colleges about financial aid and held discussions with employers and students about job readiness in 15 cities. Read our report to find out what we learned.

New Report

It’s On Us

NCLC is proud to partner on the It’s On Us campaign to change campus culture and stop sexual assaults before they happen. Learn more about the campaign and how student body presidents are leading the charge.

It’s On Us

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NCLC Releases Civic Engagement Guide

A generational turning point. U.S. Census Bureau data shows that for the first time ever in a presidential election, millennials (aged 18-35) make up roughly one-third of the electorate. However, despite the increasing size of the millennial generation, in 2014, only 21% of young adults cast their votes on election day. College affordability and higher more »

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NCLC Leadership Summit 2014

I hope that through the network established among different leaders of different universities, we will improve college campuses across the nation in a spirit of solidarity. For me to take a stand is one thing, for us to take a stand is everything.

– Marvin Logan, Kent State University

As a young leader, it is sometimes far too easy to forget the power of one voice. Attending this summit allowed me to interact with campus leaders from across the nation, and in so doing address national problems. This summit brought us together not to complain about the challenges we face, but to discuss solutions and share best practices.

– Azell Francis, Georgia Southern University

North Carolina is a leader in providing affordable higher education, but our state must work to ensure higher education remains a top priority. Interacting with student leaders from across the country exposed me to the challenges facing other states and taught me new techniques to advocate for higher education in North Carolina.

– Rusty Mau, North Carolina State University

The NCLC Summit was the perfect opportunity to meet with over ninety student body presidents from across the country. I quickly learned that other universities are facing some of the same issues that are present at the University of Cincinnati. Because of this, we were able to collaborate and work through possible solutions. Going forward, I fully intend to bring back unique and innovative ideas that have seen results on other campuses. The Summit opened my eyes to endless possibilities, and I look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

– Christina Beer, University of Cincinnati

NCLC summit is a great and invaluable experience. I learned so many things during the 3 days of the summit that I’ll be able to use on my campus.

– Ludolph R Mclaughlin, St. Thomas University

The NCLC Summit came at the perfect time for students in North Carolina, as well as for students across the country. We need every option to empower ourselves and help build our voice in the national network of higher education. There are many challenges unique to our generation that seem daunting when you think you’re taking them on alone. I am fortunate to have a strong network in North Carolina and I only feel more empowered as a student leader to extend my network with the rest of the country.

– Leigh Whittaker, University of North Carolina Asheville

NCLC’s Leadership Summit provided a marketplace of ideas and I hope student leaders stay connected with one another. We, as student body presidents, can draw on past and future initiatives to ensure the most successful outcomes for college campuses across the country. As future leaders, it is my wish that NCLC members continue to work with one another to tackle the most pressing issues in higher education.

– Lincoln Boyd, Lewis & Clark College