NCLC Releases Civic Engagement Guide

A generational turning point.

U.S. Census Bureau data shows that for the first time ever in a presidential election, millennials (aged 18-35) make up roughly one-third of the electorate. However, despite the increasing size of the millennial generation, in 2014, only 21% of young adults cast their votes on election day.

College affordability and higher education policies directly impact the lives of university students across our nation. For this reason, young people cannot afford to stay home while the nation elects its next leaders - people who have the power to directly affect their lives.

At NCLC, we are committed to providing our network of student leaders with the resources necessary to make tangible change in issue areas such as college affordability, higher education, and civic engagement. The following guide, informed by research, successful civic engagement activities, includes preliminary tips on how to create civic engagement on college campuses.

As student leaders, we know that you know your student body like no one else. We hope this guide will inspire innovate ideas to create a campus environment that supports informed, engaged and voting citizens.

Download the guide here.

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