Who We Are

About Us

NCLC  provides a venue for student body presidents and their teams to come together and confront exigent issues facing our generation. We work with a broad network of current and former student body presidents to share best practices, identify innovative solutions, and generate greater expertise to ensure young leaders are effective stakeholders and spokespeople on campus and beyond.


To foster a new era of young leadership by empowering student leaders to engage in the public discourse.

Theory of Change

Young people face enormous challenges, including declining college affordability and access, poor financial literacy, and tough job prospects. Campus-based ideas are out there to fix them but student leaders have not had the connections or resources to spread those ideas and make a major impact. We are changing that.

NCLC uses the media and policy-tables to elevate the influence of young leaders, shifting the national discourse on vital issues. NCLC provides institutional memory, resources, and direction to the network so incoming leaders can pick up where their predecessors left off, building an effective student voice for decades to come.


Andy MacCracken, Executive Director & Cofounder | Andy is executive director and cofounder of the National Campus Leadership Council, a nonprofit that empowers student leaders to engage in the public discourse. Since its 2012 launch, NCLC has extended its reach to student body presidents at more than 400 campuses nationwide. Andy helped launch two White House initiatives in 2014, introducing President Obama at a college affordability event and speaking at the It’s On Us campaign announcement. Andy regularly consults organizations and institutions on youth policy and how to more effectively engage Millennials in the public discourse. He has previously served as executive director of the DC Student Alliance and president of the American University Student Government. Andy grew up in Colorado, but left to study in Washington, DC, at American University where he earned a B.A. and masters in public administration (MPA).

Contact Andy:[email protected] |@maccracken

Rini Sampath, Policy & Engagement Manager | Rini is the Policy & Engagement Manager at NCLC, where she oversees the development of policy toolkits and cultivates new strategies to elevate student voices in the public discourse. Prior to joining the NCLC team, Rini served as the 2015-2016 Student Body President and 2014-2015 Student Body Vice President at the University of Southern California, where she earned a B.A. in International Relations.

Contact Rini: [email protected] | @RiniSampath



Want to work at NCLC? We’re still in “start-up mode,” creating an exciting, challenging environment. We’re always looking for unique skills to help us build capacity to serve the campuses we work with and impact a dynamic policy environment. See below for paid and volunteer opportunities.


We have no paid openings at this time. Check back soon for upcoming opportunities!


Policy and Communications Intern - We’re looking for a Policy and Communications Intern to contribute background research for NCLC policy materials and external engagement. The work portfolio will include support for NCLC’s development of policy materials, issue briefs, and press materials. This intern will support our Communications Manager in drafting press releases and communication logistics associated with year-round programming and initiatives. Check out the full job description.

Programs Intern - We’re looking for a Programs Intern to operationally support events and initiatives in the spring of 2015. This intern will work directly with NCLC’s Programs & Strategic Development Manager to ensure a high quality of programming for a major project on student financial aid and NCLC’s annual National Leadership Summit. Check out the full job description.


We’re always looking for people to pitch in. We have a big need for strong writers to highlight stories about the campuses and various issues we work on. If you’re interested in helping out, please email us at [email protected] with your resume!


NCLC is fiscally sponsored by Young Invincibles, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed  to expanding economic opportunity for young adults. Our Board of Directors currently oversees NCLC’s strategic development and transition to an independent 501(c)3 organization.

Board of Directors

Steve Glickman*, Cofounder & Board Secretary

Jess Kent

Mark Kogan

Andy MacCracken* (ex officio), Executive Director & Cofounder

Carlos Reyes, Board Chair

*former student body president

Our Story

In September 2011, Steve Glickman set out to create a group of student body presidents who could serve as a sounding board for national policy and a springboard for student initiatives. He called up an old friend, Andy MacCracken, to see if he was interested in helping Steve lead the project. Having both served as student body presidents and worked together at the DC Student Alliance, they knew the potential of the group and the need for something to change. A few days later they started building an outreach team of DC-area college students, primarily at the University of Maryland-College Park, as the National Campus Leadership Council.

NCLC hosted its first National Leadership Summit just six months later in conjunction with the White House where 100 student body presidents from all around the country discussed tangible paths forward on college affordability, campus safety, youth jobs, and environmental sustainability. That gathering served as a focal point that helped student leaders develop lasting relationships not only with each other, but also with policymakers and issue experts.

By the end of the month, NCLC empowered 280 student body presidents to speak as a community about the looming hike in student loan interest rates. Through policy briefings, media outreach, and facilitating network-wide communications, student leaders played a crucial role in preventing the doubling of student loan interest rates. They have applied this model and employed other innovative strategies on a variety of issues to help student leaders influence the public discourse.

NCLC has since evolved and grown into an influential community of student body presidents, elevating students as meaningful stakeholders and spokespeople on pressing issues facing our generation. As the organization continues its rapid development, NCLC is becoming a prominent national player by advancing and amplifying the voices of student body presidents while connecting best practices and facilitating leadership skills training. This unique balance has helped student body presidents and their teams become effective change-makers on their campuses and beyond.