National Leadership Summit

The National Leadership Summit is a venue for incoming and outgoing presidents to gather in the nation’s capital to debrief and set a course for addressing some of the most pressing issues facing young people. Over the last three years more than 300 student body presidents have come together to build a strong community of student leaders that has spread community level initiatives nationally and provided critical leadership on national policy debates.

The next National Leadership Summit will be June 4 - 6 at the Embassy Row Hotel in Washington, D.C.


Previous highlights include:

  • Q&A with Sec. Arne Duncan, U.S. Department of Education
  • Keynote by Gov. Dirk Kempthorne*, former Idaho Governor, U.S. Senator,  Interior Secretary
  • Policy briefing at the White House
  • Lunch panel at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

*former student body president

Affordability Summit Series

We are expanding our role in supporting regional events across the country. This past fall, we worked with over 100 student body leaders in seven states. We hope to partner with you, too, as we work together to address the rising cost of college and skyrocketing student debt burden.

Working together

You will own your event, and we will:

  • Provide logistical support for campus outreach
  • Share our network and expertise to craft outcomes-oriented program
  • Lend technical assistance and strategic support
  • Connect you with civic, business, and media leaders around the country.

Program elements

Here’s what we’re hoping to support:

  • Central theme on college affordability (can include other issues, too!)
  • Includes student body presidents and their teams from across a state or multiple states
  • Structured around small group interactions
  • Focus on action steps, from community level initiatives to federal level advocacy
How to Get Involved

1. Check out the proposal overview

Take a look at the proposal framework (links below) you’ll have to submit to us. It’s pretty straight forward, but outlines some key aspects of your summit that will help us understand your vision and goals.

Please reach out to let us know you’re interested, so we can help guide you through the process a bit.

Proposal guide .pdf

Proposal guide .doc

2. Build Your Team

Pull some people together on your team to figure out some capacity and logistical feasibility questions.

Be sure to reach out to some other campuses to gauge interest levels and bring people on board early.

3. Submit Your Proposal

Write up and send in your summit proposal. Be sure to answer the questions we ask. You aren’t locked into every detail, but this is intended to show us your road map for where you want to head with the event and how we can help you get there.

Send your proposal to [email protected]

DC Access Program

A bunch of student organizations and coalitions visit Washington, D.C., to meet with national officials and raise campus issues. We are happy to help you have a strategic visit, hone your message, and set up meetings with various stakeholders relevant to your issue areas.

We Can Help You With 

  • Student-centric issue briefings
  • Press outreach
  • Meeting prep
  • Event space
  • DC area networking
Past Examples

FSA's 2013 DC Fly In

The Florida Student Association comes to DC annually to discuss their federal policy agenda with various officials.

We helped secure meetings with:
- The White House
- Department of Education
- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Strategic support:
- We provided a policy briefing on key federal issues to contextualize their policy agenda items.
- Helped hone core messages
- Provided meeting space for their internal planning

DC experience:
- Got them in to bowling at the White House
- Set up a networking event for them to meet DC area student leaders and various policy staffers

Big Ten on the Hill - April 2013

The Association of Big Ten Students comes to DC annually to raise issues facing their campuses across several states.

Media outreach:
- We helped them secure a press conference on college affordability on Capitol Hill
- Prepped media statements
- Generated press coverage of student leaders’ advocacy

Strategic support:
- We provided a policy briefing on key federal issues to contextualize their policy agenda items.
- Helped hone core messages
- Provided meeting space for their internal planning